Turkish Gulet

Turkish Gulet

Gulet, the most popular traditional yacht type for the blue cruise is the Turkish gulet. There is a large dining table and seating area at the back of the gulets, and a sufficient number of sunbathing mats and usually a sofa at the front for all guests. Although each gullet has an indoor lounge and dining table proportional to its size, access to the cabins is after passing through this hall. Due to its round stern, the guest cabins are located at the front of the yacht, while the stern is generally used as a technical room. Its sailing ability is slightly better than the angora gulets.

Aynakıç: The most basic feature that distinguishes Aynakıç gulets from traditional gulets is that their stern sections are not round as in gulets, but in a structure with raised corners. Generally, this area is used for the suite room, which we define as the “master cabin”. Except for this feature, all other details are the same as the gulets.

Tirhandil: The most suitable wooden yacht for sailing, the tirhandil is the oldest local wooden boat with a pointed stern. Most are triangular sails; Today, the equipment has changed from sloop to lifeboat and from that to sail. They are not built to be very tall like other categories, and are between 15 and 25 meters in average. Their cabins are of the same standards. It is the best choice for those who enjoy sailing. You can contact us for gulet charter Turkey.

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