Man Charged in Subway Shoving Had History of Mental Illness, Family Says

The man who the police said pushed a subway rider in front of an oncoming train in East Harlem on Monday night, killing him, appears to have had a history of committing violent acts against others and struggles with mental illness.

The man, Carlton McPherson, 24, was arrested and charged with murder after pushing another man in front of an oncoming No. 4 train, the police said. The man who was killed was identified by two police officials and an internal report as Jason Volz, 54.

It was nearly 7 p.m. when several people standing on the uptown platform at 125th Street and Lexington Avenue saw Mr. McPherson walk up to Mr. Volz and, seemingly without provocation, push him in front of an oncoming train, according to the internal police report.

Responding officers found Mr. Volz underneath the train car with “severe trauma to the body and face,” according to the report. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Witnesses pointed out Mr. McPherson to officers as he was leaving the scene and he was taken into custody.

Anna Torres, Mr. Volz’s ex-wife, described him as a recovering addict who had just moved into a new apartment and had been sober for two years. He was someone who was “really turning things around,” she said.

“It just seems like such a waste,” Ms. Torres said in a phone interview Tuesday. “This is crazy because he survived the pandemic, survived being homeless. He got better, he got clean and everything was working.”

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